You can obtain reimbursements each time you:

  • consult a doctor;

  • are admitted to hospital;

  • have a medical prescription for treatment or medication.

How do you qualify for these benefits?

To be able to take advantage of these benefits, you must be a member of a mutual benefit fund and pay a subscription (paid annually or quarterly). By being a member, you will receive all the documents you need to obtain contributions from the fund.

At Mutualité chrétienne, this subscription also gives you automatic right to a supplementary hospital cover called Hospi solidaire (FR), as well as a cover for your medical expenses abroad with Mutas (FR).

How to obtain a reimbursement

First and foremost, you must be a member of a mutual benefit fund, have the documents provided by the fund in your possession (labels) and be paid up to date for your supplementary insurance subscription.

When you consult a doctor or are treated in hospital, you will be given a healthcare certificate. You then need to submit this healthcare certificate to your mutual benefit fund to receive your partial reimbursement.

To receive the reimbursements covered under supplementary insurance:

For vaccines, medication, contraceptives, etc.: ask your pharmacist for a “BVAC” (i.e. a detailed till receipt), which you then send in to your fund.

For other cases (e.g. acupuncture sessions, dietician’s advice, holiday camps, sports activities, etc.), you will need to ask for the form specific to your mutual benefit fund and fill it in.

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