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Operation and role of mutual benefit funds

Mutual benefit funds are health-related benefit allocation and insurance organisations (illness, accident, prevention, etc.).

They fulfil a range of different functions:

  1. The main role of mutual benefit funds in Belgium is to provide partial reimbursementof medical and healthcare expenses and to offer a financial supplement in the event of disability and being unable to work. This is known as compulsory insurance (FR) or Healthcare & Benefits Insurance, abbreviated in Belgium to ASSI in French. The system is governed by law and is identical across all mutual benefit funds.
  2. Mutual benefit funds also offer supplementary insurance (FR), as well as various benefits and services in addition to the ones covered by compulsory insurance. This supplementary insurance varies from one fund to another.
  3. Mutual benefit funds are required to informguide and support their members.
  4. Mutual benefit funds take part in political consultation aimed at defending the rights of the members they represent.
  5. Mutualité chrétienne also encourages social commitment by supporting various movements and organisations covering all target audiences.

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